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It is important for our well-being that we live in rooms with adequate temperature: we must neither freeze nor be too hot. In winter, we must also think about our energy consumption when we set the thermostat.



If the relative humidity is above 70%, it can be harmful to humans, materials and buildings. Similarly, very dry air is also a nuisance to people, furniture and buildings.


CO2 levels

Our performance is adversely affected by elevated CO2 levels, according to new scientific studies. Even at low concentrations of CO2 it influences our decision-making and learning abilities.


Noise levels

Noise is an important indicator of whether it is pleasant to be in a room. Too much noise makes it harder to work, and it can cause stress and headache and at worst cause tinnitus or impair your hearing.

Our indoor climate is crucial to how we feel!

A good indoor climate is essential to our health and well-being. The problem is simply that the indoor environment is rarely measured nor visualized. A little strange considering the world population lives a large part of their life indoors. For Northern Europeans as much as 90% of the time is spent indoors.

IC-Meter is a new Plug ‘n Play concept that focuses on indoor climate and energy. Combining professional measuring equipment with a smart “cloud” based IT solution  and a web/smartphone, IC-Meter makes the indoor environment visible and understandable.

IC-Meter can also provide answers to questions on a high heat consumption due to inadequate insulation, unwanted air circulation or high indoor temperatures – A good start to improving the environment – both indoor and outdoor

Is our CO2 level in the room too high?


New knowledge about CO2 harmful effects to humans

In the past, CO2 levels were perceived as indicator on ventilation, ie. to protect against different gases and particles. Recent scientific studies show that CO2 itself is harmful to humans, even in small concentrations.

We lose the ability to concentrate

When the CO2 content exceeds 1.000 ppm it affects our attention and learning ability and causes headaches, etc. At 2,000 ppm our abilities to perform and to judge descend significantly and to stay in this environment is directly damaging to our health.

Product Awards 2013

Product Awards 2013

User conduct vs. technical energy savings – IC-Meter competent umpire

A measured energy consumption is the result of the interaction between the building envelope and user behaviour. The problem is that the energy meter cannot tell what is caused by the building and what is caused by the usage patterns.

IC-Meter compares the indoor temperature, humidity and air exchange with information on the local weather – temperature, humidity, and wind speed and direction (hourly values​​). This allows the measured heat loss to be analysed as a function of air, moisture and heat flows between the building and the environment. Thus, buildings can be energy labeled under equal conditions as to usage patterns as well as the price for a significant high heat comfort or ventilation can be measured.

This option is particularly relevant for the Danish ESCO contracts where the customer pays for the delivered energy service – a good indoor climate.


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