Rooms for educations, meetings and office’s

monitoring indoor climate (temperature, humidity, CO2 and air change rate) to ensure good indoor climate, with alarms and logging of air quality and ventilation over time,


Monitoring indoor climate (temperature, humidity, CO2 and air change rate) to ensure that the indoor climate is good for the tenants as well as for the building. Secondly for distribution of a buildings total cost for heating, ventilation and/or air condition between the tenants, based on the indoor climate meter data.

Detached houses

monitoring the buildings heat losses and insulation standards, by comparing indoor climate data with IC-Meters local weather forecast service (temperature, humidity, wind and solar radiation), and data for the buildings energy supply, typically delivered from the energy company’s smart meter,

Heating and ventilation systems and air conditions

IC-Meter deliver metering data for indoor climate and local weather forecast, to control systems for existing heating, ventilation and air condition systems. IC-Meter communicates the metering information by web-service/xml.


IC-Meter analyses indoor climate and indoor energy supply and losses, by using advanced algorithms, and complex math – thus making valid data available instantly, without the need of questionnaires and consultants. In combination with an external energy meter (Smart Meter), IC-Meter can differentiate energy losses by the buildings envelope, air turnover and base load/hot water.