Energy renovation

In the years to come a number of buildings are to be energy renovated. These investment will result in tighter buildings with less energy loss in the building envelope.

When a building is to be renovated a broad variety of aspect must be considered: indoor architecture, energy, indoor climate, etc. In this relation, it is important to focus on the following two conditions:

  1. First, a good indoor climate in the buildings must be assured.
  2. Secondly, it is necessary to know the actual indoor climate in order to evaluate if the energy renovation has actually given the demanded technical energy quality.


Disappointing results?

Måling af det faktiske energiforbrug er netop ikke tilstrækkelig for at se om energirenoveringen har været succesfuld. I en række byggesager diskuterer husejere og entreprenør om skuffende resultater ift. de forventede energibesparelser skyldes ændret brugsmønster, eller mangler i renoveringen.
The measurements of the actual energy consumption are not sufficient to see if the energy renovation has been successful. In a number of building cases the property owner and the builder disagree discuss the if the disappointing results are due to user behavior or a deficient renovation.
IC-Meter measures the indoor climate and collects data on the local weather – temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction. With this data and with the information on the actual heating consumption the energy savings in the building envelope and the user behavior can be calculated.


Builder and property owner

By installing an IC-Meter from the beginning of a renovation project the builder and the property owner can initiate from a common basis – the “black box” of the property which acts as umpire if doubts should be held against the actual energy standards after the renovation. The data can at the same time document inappropriate user behavior or lacks in the delivered indoor climate.