Energy data from a meter of Heat, Electricity or Water can be transferred from a Pulse- meter to IC-meter Cloud Services via a cable connected to the bottom of the IC-meter box.


  • A pulse meter (5/0 Volt) where each pulse signal represent information about Heat-, Electricity- or Water-consumption
  • Pulse value i.e. what one pulse represents in terms of consumption (Wh, kWh or liters/m3)
  • An IC-Meter Mobile
  • 3-core cable with  2,5 mm Microjack (see below)


  1. Connect cable with Microjack plug to the bottom of the IC-Meter Mobile box and to your Pulse-meter port.
  2. Ring 2 is connected with the +/- port of the Pulse-meter and ring 3 is connected to the ‘sleeve’/grounding.
  3. Log on to Box Settingssetting / Advanced / Extra Sensors and Meters and select ‘Pulse Meter’.
  4. Select meter type ‘Heat’, ‘Electricity’ or ‘Water’ and give your Pulse-meter a Nickname and a Pulse value, the consumption for one single pulse (Wh, kWh or liters/m3).
  5. Click ‘Save Settings’

Next step is to define an ‘Energy and Water’ group and include the Pulse-meter. Link.