Samlet pakke til ejendomsadministratorer

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IC-Meter – Samlet pakke til ejendomsadministratorer

IC-Meter releases update to simplify public API usage

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To meet customer wishes IC-Meter has updated the public API regarding specification of time horizons for requests as well as a simplified JSON output format, making it easier to import data…

Samlet IKT-tilbud til ejendomsadministration: Synligt indeklima – kvalitetssikret drift

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December 2017 Firmaet IC-Meter introducerer en ny indeklimamåler med batteridrift. Den nye boks, IC-Meter LoRa – Battery & USB, er udviklet til fast installation, typisk i større ejendomme med fokus…

Use IC-Meter to control ventilation and heating system

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IC-NEWS: Use IC-Meter to control ventilation and heating system IC-Meter introduces the free control-service ‘Control by Cloud’, where owners of IC-Meters can define and process their own criteria based on indoor...

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