Measurements and calculated key values are communicated by the IC-Meter and together with local weather forecasts they are displayed in APP/Web-view. There are two primary areas for indoor climate and local weather.

 Indoor climate is based on the measurements of the IC-Meter and on the calculated key values.

Forecasts for local weather are supplied by the Norwegian weather service


For indoor climate and local weather there are three areas

  • Status – the current measurements/forecasts
  • Day graph – measured values including forecasts for the rest of the day
  • Month statistics – average for the selected month

In addition there is an extra tab for indoor climate on

  • Ventilation with calculated key values for the air turnover, full ventilation and production of water vapor of the room


IC-Meter View


Temperature – °C or °F

The IC-Meter uses high quality sensors that measures the temperature every 5 minutes. The user can via the settings menu select whether to display the temperature in Celsius (°C) or in Fahrenheit (°F).

IC-Meter uses a color scale with green, yellow and red to display if the temperature is good, critical or bad.


IC-Meter’s use of the three colors for the characterizing of the indoor climate

Relative humidity in air – RH %

IC-Meter measures the relative humidity in air every 5 minutes. The relative humidity in air can be between 0 % and 100 %.

A relative humidity in air at 100 % relates to the max quantity of humidity  possible at the current temperature, the dew temperature.

The ability of the air to absorb water vapor rises with rising temperature. This means that the relative humidity in air falls when the air is heated.


The CO2 content of the air – CO2 ppm

The CO2 content in the air of nature is approx. 400 ppm which is the same as the CO2 share 0,4 per mille. Due to fossil fuels the CO2 content of the atmosphere rises.

Inside buildings and rooms the CO2 level is also 400 ppm when there are no persons present. Humans discharge CO2 by breathing – the most when we are physically active and the least when we are sleeping. This means that when we are indoor the CO2 level quickly rises from 400 ppm if it is not for a good ventilation or a leaking building.

A high CO2 level is damaging for humans and at the same time a clear indication that the air turnover is too low meaning that the concentration of gases and particles damaging to human is too high.


Anybody home? (Yes/No)

IC-Meter gives a qualified estimate if there are persons present or not. This is calculated on behalf the measurements of the CO2 level of the air as well as on the local weather forecast (volume).

The primary purpose of the Anybody Home function is to distribute statistics between periods when there persons are present and when the room is empty. From a health and well-being point of view it is most important to have a good indoor climate when there are persons present. In a class room, e.g., it is essential to have good air during the classes and not during the numerous hours that the room is empty.

Anybody Home? is also displayed online supplying an estimate on whether there are persons present. The accuracy depends, amongst others, on the size of the room (m3).


See demo online

Follow the link to the online demo