Meeting Rooms

The use of meeting rooms is in many ways similar to the use of class rooms: During shorter periods of time a congregation of persons are in the room in order to discuss and take decisions.

In these occasions it is of course crucial that the meeting participants have a good indoor climate in which they can:

  • feel comfortable
  • pay attention
  • be creative
  • take decisions

CO2 influences the ability to take decisions

A recent study, elaborated in the USA, proves that our creativity descends as the CO2 level in air rises. With higher CO2 levels we even lose the capacity to take decisions.

Please, find references below.

Focus on indoor and outdoor climate

A company can show its interest in the employees’ well-being and creativity by constantly measuring the indoor climate.

IC-Meter calculates constantly forecasts on e.g. the CO2 for the rest of the day. Through tablets or screens in the meeting room the meeting participants are supplied with information about when the CO2 level is getting close to critical. They can even receive this information on their own mobile phones.

Statistics on the indoor climate can be applied in relation with the employees focus on the working environment and on related climate politic valid for both indoor and outdoor climate.



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