IC-Meter – Plug in for measuring and managing of ventilation, heat and CTS systems

IC-Meter is a stand-alone-product that in a quick and simple way can document the indoor climate, fetch local weather forecasts and calculate a number of key values. E.g. it can be used to evaluate if the air turnover in a room is adequate.

In case the indoor climate is inadequate the IC-Meter can at the same time be a part of the system that solves the problem. IC-Meter can be set to deliver measuring data for the managing of e.g. a ventilation system, a CTS system, a heat pump or similar.


IC-Meter’s APP/Web site can be integrated in overall systems for which it can combine measurements and statistics with the direct controlling of this system.

In these situations the IC-Meter works as an accessory that integrates in an overall system and that can have one roll diagnosing a problem and another roll when establishing an overall ventilation, heating and indoor climate system.