IC-Meter Concept

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Indoor Climate Meter (IC-Meter) measures, visualizes and analyses indoor climate in a room or a building. The concept is comprised by a data measurement device, a server and website with APP client for mobile units (IOS/Android). The meter device delivers accurate information for temperature, humidity and – as a new feature on the consumer market – it measures the level of CO2.

Measurements are uploaded to the server every 5 minutes, via the client’s own WiFi/Internet. At the same time, the server automatically retrieves local weather forecasts, energy measurements, etc. from public and commercial suppliers’ servers.

IC-Meter is a generic and globally focused product, based on the facts:

  • The laws of thermodynamics are universally valid,
  • Weather forecast data are widely standardized globally, and
  • Internet is the preferred communication platform of the World’s population

IC-Meter analyses indoor climate and indoor energy conditions by the use of quality sensors and advanced algorithms – no need for consultants nor for questionnaire forms. IC-Meter retrieves automatically local weather forecasts for any location on Earth. By comparing the climate inside a room with the local weather forecast the IC-Meter delivers key values for air turnover, minutes per day with full ventilation, daily production of water vapor, as well as for the function “Anybody home right now”?

Combined with an external energy meter, e.g. IC-Meter’s “digital oil meter” or data from an electricity plant, the energy usage can be remote diagnosed and distributed between buildings envelope, air turnover and base load/hot water as well as the heat contribution of the sun can be estimated.

For further information, please see Technical Specifications

IC-Meter view

IC-Meter is a personal APP that collects data related to the client’s location – home summer residence, class room, office, etc. The APP supplies the client with here-and-now info on indoor climate, local weather and energy.

The IC-Meter works at the same time as a log that stores data, calculates statistics and supplies key numerical values. The axis are the measurements of indoor and outdoor climate (local weather forecasts) where energy usage can be distributed between technical energy savings and usage patterns.


Data belongs to the owner

All measurements and calculated key values belong to the owner of the IC-Meter. This data is treated as confidential and personal. The owner can choose to share data with other users.

The owner can also export the personal data and e.g. integrate them in analyzing tools, operating systems and business concepts.