Detached houses

As for detached houses the indoor climate is relevant just as for other kinds of homes. The home must keep the selected temperature during the heating season and not get too hot during summer. Thereby the need for adequate ventilation.

The measurement of the indoor climate can supply clear information as to whether these conditions are being upheld – that the humidity, air turnover and CO2 level comply with the demands. But the measurements of the indoor climate are also important in relation to the heating consumption.


Poor insulation?

A high energy consumption for heating does not necessarily mean that the insulation of the detached house is deficient. The reason can also be that the inhabitants are keeping a high indoor temperature or that the house leaks or is being ventilated too much.

IC-Meter supply statistics both for indoor climate and for the local weather including key values for ventilation. With these data and with the actual heating consumption the energy loss can be distributed on the energy technical parts of the property and on the user behavior.