In apartments there can be problems with humidity and poor air turnover in certain rooms or in the whole apartment. Especially in tight homes it is important with good ventilation habits with a ventilation system.

IC-Meter supplies three key values for air turnover and humidity conditions in an apartment. They can document whether the humidity problems are caused by too little ventilation or too much water vapor production. The last mentioned can be a sign of humidity problems in the building, high water consumption or that there are many people present.

The owner’s responsibility

It is of the owner’s responsibility to supply energy renovation of the building and of the technical installations such as for heat and ventilation. But the tenant can determine the temperature and fresh air by a continuous ventilation.

This fact has lead to a suggestion that the heating bill for apartments should be distributed as to the conditions that are influenced by the tenant: temperature and air turnover. On the other hand, the owner can benefit from investing in energy saving, technical systems and equipment.

Energy renovation

This distribution of the user behavior and the technical part is particularly interesting when larger buildings are to be energy renovated. A large number of energy renovation projects deliver disappointing results compared to the expectations. In this aspect, the property owner and the builder are in lack of knowledge as to whether the disappointing results are caused by user behavior (temperature and air turnover) or deficiency in the technical building material supply.

User behavior and technical energy savings

By the use of IC-Meter the actual indoor climate and the local weather conditions can be documented. By comparing these two conditions with the actual energy consumption of the building the distribution on user behavior and technical energy saving initiatives can be made.

Apartments often have central ventilation in kitchen and bathroom. In smaller rooms, that mostly have the door closed, humidity problems can occur as well as the smallest rooms usually suffer from high CO2 levels.