New constructions

Modern homes must be energy efficient. This is good for the energy bill and for the environment, but exactly the wish for tight buildings raises the demand for active air turnover.

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However, there have been a number of complaints on this aspect. The complaints are pointing at too high temperatures in summer and on the actual energy consumption for heating which, by far, exceeds the expectations. The reason for the high energy consumption is in some cases an inappropriate user behavior which, however, cannot be documented.
IC-Meter measures the indoor climate and collects data on the local weather – temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction. With this data and with the data for the actual heating consumption the energy loss can be distributed between the energy technical properties of the building and the user behavior.
By delivering IC-Meter in new homes the builder and the property owner can get a common basis – the “black box” of the building – that acts as umpire in case of doubts held against the actual energy standards of the building. This data can at the same time document for inappropriate user behavior or lacks in the supplied indoor climate.