IC-Meter releases update to simplify public API usage

By December 15, 2017Uncategorized

To meet customer wishes IC-Meter has updated the public API regarding specification of time horizons for requests as well as a simplified JSON output format, making it easier to import data in e.g. Excel and PowerBI. This update does not affect existing requests.

API requests with pre-defined durations for latest data

Rather than always being required to specify start and end time for data it is now possible with the new update to specify periods such as ’10-min’, ‘1-hour’, ’24-hours’, ‘1-week’, ’30-days’, ‘1-month’ or ‘1-year’, in order to simplify the procedure for customers making frequent requests when they always are interested in the latest data. When specifying the period ’10-min’, the latest data from the last 10 minutes are fetched. If a long duration is specified the response times may be long, as many data points are fetched.

Simple JSON output for simplifying usage with analysis tools such as Excel or PowerBI

The existing JSON output is formatted as done by ‘google-visualization’, and produces a low overhead. The trade-off is that it is complicated to parse. With the update it is now possible to choose a more ‘simple’ JSON format, which is easier to parse with analysis tools such as Excel or PowerBI.

Further information regarding IC-Meter APIs can be found at: https://www.ic-meter.com/public-api/