IC-Meter News: Calibration of CO2 sensor

By November 3, 2014IC-Meter

Calibration of CO2 sensor

IC-Meter is equipped with a high quality CO2 sensor from the company Senseair (S8). Professional sensors are typically calibrated once a year to ensure that measurement values do not gradually shift within the scale.

IC-Meter offers two forms of calibration that the user can perform.

Manual calibration in clean air

The first method is calibration in clean air. Put the IC-Meter in clean air with the power supply connected. After a few minutes push a paper clip 5-6 times quickly in the small hole at the top of the box. After a few minutes the box will perform an additional measurement which immediately gets calibrated as 400 ppm. If the box subsequently blinks green slowly at the bottom, the calibration has been successfully performed. This method is recommended before installation of an IC-Meter.

Automatic calibration based on lowest CO2 value during a week IC-Meter has built in Senseair automatic calibration. Thus the CO2 scale is calibrated by comparing the lowest value of the week with the CO2 value of clean air (400 ppm). The scale shifts slightly by each calibration until the lowest value is close to the 400 ppm.

This kind of calibration is enabled by Default and is suitable when a room is periodically empty and the air is changed at least once a week.

If the IC-Meter is put in a room where periodical air change is in doubt, the automatic calibration should be disabled. The same applies if IC-Meter is put in a ventilation shaft or similar.

The automatic calibration can be disabled in the settings menu (the wheel at the top right corner) by clicking on Advanced and then disabling “Activate auto-calibration”.