IC-Meter launches Activity Index & Week Calendar

By October 27, 2015IC-Meter

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It is vital to know when and how you are using your rooms – for a number of reasons.

  • When are your activity peaks, do you have sufficient space, or are your office empty most of the day?
  • Is there anyone present at times where the room is supposed to be empty?

IC-Meter has developed an Activity Index to handle these questions. The Activity Index gives a classification of the actual human activity during the day. The theory behind the Activity Index is that the patterns in witch indoor parameters changes are quite different, in situation with high and low human activity.

The Activity Index has four classes: ‘Very High’, ‘High’, ‘Low’ and ‘Very Low’ activity. The Activity Index is calculated every hour and communicated to all IC-Meter Box owners as a free service.

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