Free Cloud services with ‘Big Data’-features for smart meters (heat, electricity and water)

By September 28, 2015IC-Meter
IC-Meter launches new free Cloud-services for smart meter data. The services include storage, statistics, key figures, and graphs for heat, electricity and water consumption data. On top of this the Cloud services offer ‘Big Data’-algorithms to

  • Analyze a buildings energy use for heating or cooling, as a response to differences in indoor and outdoor climate
  • Analyze indoor climate and energy consumption as a response to the actual (hour) activity in the building, based on a new Activity Index.

The IC-Meter Box measures indoor climate (temperature, humidity, CO2 and noise), with professional sensors. Data are uploaded every 5th minute (GSM) to the Cloud-services and merged with local weather data and smart meter data.

Requirement: An automatic upload procedure for meter data (consumption data for a day or an hour) and data in an authorized data format. There should be at least one IC-Meter Box in the building.

The IC-Meter Concept

Click here to see Monthly indoor- and energy report for Green Tech Center Vejle, DK.

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