IC-Meter Master View

IC-Meter offers an additional view, the Master View, for those who need a quick view over several meters. In one screen image statistics are displayed for several meters devices – one line per meter device.


Schools and work places

This page is developed especially for schools and work places where the indoor climate is constantly monitored and from where detailed data for each room can be viewed (View). Here the monthly data suggests problems with the indoor climate.

The Master View consists of an overview image and three sub pages where the Month Statistics for temperature, humidity and CO2 are distributed on the three climate categories: good, medium and bad.


Housing associations

Housing associations can benefit from the Month Statistics on the IC-Meter Master View in order to assure the air quality in the rented homes and thus avoid humidity and skim sponge problems.

IC-Meters Master View data can also be applied in order to distribute the heating accounts according to the actual indoor climate of each home – temperature, humidity and ventilation.

The tenants cannot access the detailed data which belongs to the client – in this case, the housing association. The tenants have access only to the Month Statistics.